Hello and welcome to our Boys & Girls Club of Baraboo Staff Blog!

This area, “Staff Thoughts”, will serve to be an outlet for current Club staff to write in a semi-informal blog format about a variety of topics regarding the Club, youth issues, our wonderful community and anything else we’ve got on our mind that may be pertinent.  Hopefully through this we can inject a little of our staff personality and add a level of relatability to any family, supporter, or community member who might be interested.  With that, it is important I mention that while the content on this blog will be screened, all posts are individual OPINIONS and are not necessarily the opinions or stance of the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central WI.  Also, please understand that I and the rest of our staff are always learning!  What may be an opinion or thought today could change tomorrow based on new information learned or an experience had.  We are taking a snapshot of what we are today in hopes of growing and becoming better each and every day (that includes grammar and punctuation!).

Whew; we made it through that part which basically sums up and serves as a short and sweet introduction of what we’re looking to do inside our “Staff Thoughts” blog.  While I’d like to make promises of consistent posting, earth shattering thoughts and grandeur; eh, I won’t… yet.

So, thanks for stopping by and checking out the site as we embark on a little journey.  Feel free to add to the conversation of any post, give suggested topics, or help us make this better with some advice!

From my mind to here,


Kyle Crosby, Unit Director – BGC Baraboo